KBD67L silicone dampener presses against the PCB, should I be concerned?

I own the silicone dampener for my KBD67 Lite, I like it, problem is that it seems like there isn’t much free space in the case and it presses against the PCB, this makes me concerned the case might crack or the PCB/components dying.

Due to the silicone, case separates a bit compared to without, it needs to be pressed to eachother a bit to be closed properly, not a high amount of force but it’s still needed, also I can see faint hotswap socket “prints” on the silicone.

Should I be concerned about longevity? is it a point of concern for any board in general?

Some pictures [Edit: the case parts are not screwed together, they’re placed to demonstrate the interference]

Top case resting on the bottom without the silicone:

Case marks on the default foam and silicone thickness:

With the silicone:

Ooh. Never saw this one happen with mine. Do you mean the extra silicone that you can purchase (for the bottom)?

I had this same exact issue but with the transparent black case. Actually, if it wasn’t for the transparency, I wouldn’t have noticed that the silicon wasn’t fully seated. I took a look, and the PCB doesn’t really touch it when installed this way and all contact points on the case are pretty flush.


I don’t think it will effect the longevity of the board if you aren’t putting excessive force to close it all the way. You could try using your own dampening material in the bottom that fits in the spaces better. Use some zip-n-fit liner will make it fast and easy.


That stuff is the best DIY case foam, ever. It’s so freaking handy.

For sure. Makes filling voids like this super fast. I’ve used it in quite a few cases, including tricky ones to fill like the TKC-1800 . I’ve never tried the clear, but it looks interesting. Perhaps too firm though. Mine is black and pretty squishy.

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Yes the $18 one from KBDFans.

I wonder If I didn’t seat it properly… I’ve actually made sure its fully sinked to the bottom case before seembly, the picture is after you seated it properly?

I like the silicone for it’s weight mainly apart for the sound dampening, I actually have silicone pour that I’ve planned for another project, I might use it but I don’t want the original dampener to go to waste, maybe I’ll try to trim the top of the silicone…


Yup. I laid it in from left to right making sure each rectangular section was fully seated before moving on.


I’ve done the same, weird, only explanation left is it due to the case being a bit warped.
My case is a little bit warped [only] in the back part (number row side), maybe that’s what causing it to not close properly, checking again, when the PCB assembly is seated in the bottom case it’s sits fine but when the silicone is installed the bottom part is raised a bit.

Is your case perfectly straight?

I’d say so. I mean, nothing stands out as feeling or looking warped in any way.

@Cloud983 did you happen to fully tighten the case screws on the opposite side before tightening the ones closest to the case gap? If so, try putting in all of the screws loosely and then tighten them in a repeating cross/star pattern (left 25%, right 25%, bottom 25%, top 25%, left 50%, right 50%, etc). Silicone will compress pretty easily and shouldn’t hurt the PCB, but only if pressure is equally applied.

Hmmm, even with a silicon dampener, that looks like waaaay to big of a gap to be considered “in spec”. I’d definitely double check the screw tightness as well as alignment of components to double check something isn’t accidentally sitting on something else and taking up more vertical space. :thinking:

but I’ve never owned or built one of these boards so I don’t know if maybe it is supposed to be like that… I sure hope it ain’t

You never know, this could be a common issue with that particular version/color/batch, and you are the only one to notice the problem. We need to find someone with the exact same one.

I had a similar top/bottom alignment/gap issue with my J-01 causing it to not close properly on one side. Turns out the JST connector presses on the bottom of the case. He’s fixing it in the next revision. RIP. How was I the only person to notice?

Also, the Decent65 shipped to every single person with the wrong screws. Novelkeys had no idea and didn’t offer a fix. Again, strange that I was the only one to notice, but apparently it happens.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, in the pictures the top and bottom case parts are not screwed together just resting, pictures are meant to demonstrate the difference with the silicone, both are able to be properly screwed together, with the silicone it just takes a bit more force.

Regardless, thank you everyone for the help, I’ve concluded my issue it probably due to the slight warp my case have in the back part, not my first time with warped cases, I’ve been unlucky with the NK65EE too having it pretty well warped.

The silicone seems to be meant for tight tolerance, the case doesn’t look to have much space and in the silicone page (on AE) I’ve seen other people mention a similar issue too so I guess I’m not the only one, maybe I’m the only concered one at least.

I’ve also discovered it causes weird sound with other switch types (I’ve only used U4Ts on this board which sounded fine) as parts of the PCB press against the silicone, I like the stiffer feeling though.
I’ll probably try to trim the top part of the silicone that goes above the ridges in the bottom housing (in red).

Thanks again!


KBDFans add-on silicone dampeners are known to be too thick.

With the KBD8X MKII, it was recommended by modders not to use the official KBDFans KBD8X dampening foam, because it took up too much space in the case, pressing up against the PCB, modifying the typing experience.

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