KBDcraft 003 Lilith

It has been almost a year since we posted 001 Adam here. It was an absolute pleasure for me to lead this exciting project. Later, we launched the 002 Addams Numpad, which can be seen as an add-on module for Adam. We also experimented with the modularity project Adam0110. All of these projects bear a strong KBDcraft imprint that we seek inspiration from the “Lego” world and incorporate those ideas into the keyboard world.

When we moved on to the 003 Lilith, we decided to stick with the 60% modular design but innovate on it further. Here’s what we did for Lilith:

  1. A tilt angle. Many users had expressed their desire for angle-adjustable feet on Adam. However, we couldn’t change the force-bearing structure without a comprehensive thought. For Lilith, we completely redesigned the case to provide a 5.5º angle while remaining in full contact with the tabletop. Additionally, since the core64 is bilaterally gasket-mounted, it can be hung on different levels. If Adam’s owners want the angle, they can simply swap to Lilith’s case.

  2. Brick-built boards can start curving when the length is > 30cm due to the cumulative pressure on each stud. Cutting off the tension can reduce deformation, but it will also weaken the structure. For Lilith, we ran numerous tests on different selections and distributions of components and found what we thought was the best midpoint. In simple terms, Lilith has a straighter and stronger case.

  3. In EVA background, Lilith is believed to be the origin of mankind, so we thought it was necessary to give it an iso layout to adapt to all human languages.

  4. Unlike Adam, Lilith has a very specific and clear image in EVA. Her mask with the Seele symbol is one of the most impressive features. So we invented a new game with keycaps called Keymoji, which uses high-contrast colors to create many cute expressions, just like Lilith’s mask.

  5. Although we always smooth out the entire case, some extensibility remains. This time, we gave Lilith a pair of ball joints for flexible hooking of minifigures and other modules.

Accessories such as wrist rests and sound pads are always compatible with new models, and a keyboard stand made of bricks is being released along with Lilith. 004 Lilin should be another small-size module that can work independently or pair with Lilith. What do you think we should do in the future? Let’s chat in the comment.


Lilith was the second angel, wasn’t it?

I like that the Lilith tries to address the issue of curvature. My first Adam kit was fine, but the second one in gray does curve up on the edges quite a bit. I put it on top of my Sabaj D5 DAC for a month to see if the heat would help to straighten it out :joy: Didn’t work.

Also like that you still made a spot for minifigs. That’s one of my favorite things about my Adam boards.

I think the Lilith is a great design but I’ll have to buy one to test it out for sure!

What else would I like going forward?

  • Option to use a standard PCB without arrow keys. Maybe just release a new version of the plate/PCB assembly with a few standard layout options like 6.25 space standard ANSI and 7u with split backspace.

  • I would love to see the option for PCB mounted stabilizers

  • More colors. Lego orange and blue are both some of my favorite colors.

  • I realize a lot of people like the smoothed out look, and I’m one of them. But I would also like to see a future design that embraces the blocky look of lego with a few more exposed studs. I suppose I could always just add my own bricks on the current boards too. :grinning:


Yes, 2nd in EVA.

It’s always great to have your advice!

We will most likely revert to the standard 60% ANSI layout after the release of the 004 Lilin. The smaller module will give additional buttons for users’ specific needs, so we don’t have to squeeze them into the 60% area.

The PCB mounted stabilizers are compatible because we drilled enough holes in the PCB. The POM plate also tolerates most of them. We opted for plate mounted stabilizers for an overall screwless building experience.

As long as our inventory doesn’t blow up, we will offer two color options for every model. The options for connecting Lego are actually huge. This time, we explored the ball joins because we believe they look adorable, even if they remain visible.