KBDFans 8x with solenoid and GMK Camping typing test


Nice! What kind of solenoid are you using?

Here’s all the info

Better / less noisy typing test

Did you use an mx lock switch with the on/off led toggle?

I didn’t, but that’s a good idea

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I have the led installed but could never figure out how to toggle it on/off in QMK. A windowed stepped caps lock with locking switch and on/off led toggle would be my ideal caps lock setup.

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About QMK, i guess you can just bind it to normal Capslock, since it activates on keydown and deactivated on key up.

As for the led:

void led_set_user(uint8_t usb_led) {
    if (usb_led & (1<<USB_LED_CAPS_LOCK)) {
    } else {

And it hast to be enabled on the definition of the keyboard on qmk.
What PCB do you use?

Mind to share your keymap?

That is one sexy deskmat. Mind sharing a photo or a link where to get one? :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for sharing. I can’t custom code with QMK atm. Is it possible to add this feature to the configurator?

I’m using a Sentraq s60_x/rgb. layout file

I made the desk pad on this site- Desk Pad Link

They have a blank template you can download. All the high res files are easily found on Google Images. In hindsight I would have gotten the stitched version for 5 bucks more. Link-

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OK so you may have noticed in my video that the solenoid wasn’t working very well after I typed for a while. That was a bug in my keymap. I fixed it! Sounds better now, does a better job of keeping up with the keystrokes!

In case anyone wonders, the problem was the function that increases the dwell was being called every time I pressed a key. The dwell means how long the solenoid stays on before turning back off. If you press another key before the dwell time expires, that key doesn’t trigger a separate click. So, if the dwell keeps increasing (which it was doing), eventually the dwell time gets so long that it “filters” out a lot of keystrokes. That’s what was happening, but it works better now!


Super neat mod. Wish the solenoid sounds were a lot more like the sounds from a Beamspring :nut_and_bolt:

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doing this to the tada 68 would be basically the process right?

Yes, if there is room inside the case. Is it deep enough? The solenoid as about 11mm thick.