KBDfans Aluminum Case for KBD67 Lite

This is slightly interesting – KBDfans is now selling a $125 aluminum case for the KBD67 Lite (with an optional $35 brass weight).

Looks like it also features a new, cleaner logo design on the bottom, as opposed to the silly script typeface used on the stock KBD67 Lite

I quite like the typing experience of my KBD67 Lite, and I wonder how this will affect the typing experience and sound. My guess is that it will be a bit more muted than with the ABS case, but the bottom out shouldn’t be substantially stiffer since it’s still mounted via the silicone between the PCB and plate.


Oh I thought the MKII was the aluminum version of the Lite. Slightly interesting indeed. Yup, the minimalistic logo and weight design is most appreciated. Tempting.


Ha, I was just coming here to post about this. Super tempted to snag one.

@ajoflo - The MKII is actually top-mount; the sandwich-gasket thing was introduced with the Lite.

Since they’re calling this case “V3” I’m taking a guess that this will be a shared case between the lite and the next “non lite” version that might ship with something like a brass plate and a weight pre-installed.