KBDFans Bella 75% Keyboard

I’ve been waiting for KBDFans Bella for a while now and it’s finally in GB stage! I know, I know the keyswitch remover is polarising (some people love it, some people hate it).

I’m buying the grey version to go with GMK Space Cadet - looking forward to it!

Isn’t the gray in stock right now to buy?

Ye, I’m planning on getting a gray one to! :ok_hand::sunglasses::+1:

What is weird for me is the way they chose to launch this keyboard.
There are no real pictures of it or an actual presentation video.

Not to mention that they hyped the 5th of October date by announcing they will have also poly variant in stock which never happened.

Sketchy marketing at least…


I think the gray one could go well with Solarized Dark. I’ve been considering the Bella.

The layout is kinda annoying, though, with that right-hand cluster of three nav keys instead of four.

Why can’t it have 4 + 2, like the HMKB?

I guess I would set “Page Down” by the Enter key to “Fn,” and set the arrow keys to various nav keys, activated by Fn.


Going from my Melody96 to the Bella! Going to be awesome. Grabbing one gray for me, one purple for the lady, and one purple GK21S to pair with her purple one as she does a lot of accounting stuff! Stoked to finally have per-key rgb as I actually miss it.