KBDFans T1 switches typing test, lubed

I lubed the stems with Christo Lube MCG 112

I lubed the springs with spray dielectric grease:


I lubed the leaf with this grease:


Here’s how they sounded without lube:


How do you find the 112 compared to 205g0? Is it worth buying if you already have 205g0 and can lube properly?

I find the 112 a little harder to apply with a paintbrush (doesn’t seem to spread quite as easily), but quite a bit more forgiving in case you apply too much. I think it’s less sticky than 205g0 so it’s hard to mess up your switches or make them feel sluggish. I almost wonder though if this means it’s less tenacious and going to wash down quicker over time. We’ll see how the Christo Lubes hold up longer term.

If you already are happy with your lubing technique and results with 205g0 then I don’t necessarily think you’ll see an advantage to the 112, unless you’re looking for less of a buttery or dragging feeling. I don’t note any improvement in smoothness with 112 over 205g0. To me I think the main advantages are it’s cheaper, easier to get, and harder to mess up with.


Thanks for your thoughts on that! I’ll probably pick some up sometime for the heck of it anyways but will use 205 for my cream switches as it seems to be holding on fine and adding a nice finish to them.

They sound pretty good!