KBDFans T1 switches typing test, stock, no lube

I will post another video with the same keyboard and switches after lubing them.


More thoughts / analysis about these switches vs. Holy Pandas and Holy GSUS:

Something important I forgot to mention though: T1 switches have really nice springs! They are quiet, I don’t hear any ping, they have a nice preload that feels pleasant, they just seem like all around great springs which is a nice surprise.


The T1 stem may have a quieter bottom out, but both the stock T1 & Halo stem in a T1 housing almost sound like clicky switches in your sound test at the beginning. The housings of the GSUS switches seem to do a much better job muffling the sound produced by the stem. I wonder if lube will help with that or if T1 housings are just noisy period?

I think some of the noise is from the leaf and greasing the leaf would help. It did on my v2 Zilents, they have that characteristic too.

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The stock spring is very good imo but might be stiffer than what some people want. Good news! You can go lighter.

I tried a few different springs. So far I can tell you that these switches are a lot more tolerant of lighter springs than holy pandas are.

You can safely go as light as 50g Sprit springs on the alphas.

The spacebar on the other hand will need at least 55g such as Cherry red springs. If you want to use the same spring on all keys i wouldn’t go lighter than 55g.

Another cool spring that works in these is the Gateron yellow springs, or also Sprit 60g “slow curved” springs feel really nice in this switch!


how heavy are the stock ones?

67g bottom out

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That’s about my ideal weight, but depends also on the curve of the bump. I have 70g and 72g sprit springs to try too (no lower for me).