KBDfans Tiger 80

It’s here! The KBDFans Lite TKL known as the Tiger 80 announced Group Buy today:

Has some of the right features, but not others. Hotswap-only, F-13-only, no WKL.

Already 4 colour options, which is nice.


Bummer no WKL but looks like a nice deal

Looks like it’s meant to compete against the NK87 Alu edition

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Gosh I hope I’ve got money if/when they put out a plastic-case version of this, judging by what I like about my KBD67 Lite

Oooh I think this one is pretty sweet for the price! The colours are quite unique too :slight_smile:

I thought that the idea of a custom print tape mod was kind of cool. The other colors and customization options are pretty cool and nice to see as well.

KBDfans has a tendency to slap some weird engravings and logos on there, and it looks like this trend continues. I don’t hate the tiger, but if you are gonna allow for customization, let that shine rather than a tiger logo… oh well.


Yeah. KBDFans should allow customization on their boards [good idea with the customized tape mod], but they should eschew attaching specific animals to their boards, especially after what happened with the Bella’s switch-opener.

Just a guess (as it isn’t mentioned in the geekhack thread) but a quick search for ‘year of the tiger’ reveals that 2022 is one, and I think that explains the tiger theme.

Yeah, like… Ducky (based in Taiwan) does this too. Zodiac-animal-themed stuff is not really that uncommon, and seems to do fine in the keyboard space.

Almost forgot about Duckys Zodiac themed stuff. I knew about the Year of The Rat board that they did, I didn’t realize how many other zodiac animal themes they’d done (dog, ox, pig, snake, 2010 tiger, etc…), neato!

Those splatter paintjobs are super fun.

@iaman The lite version of this is in IC now:

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