KBDFans upcoming HHKB Tofu (with hotswap PCB)


I have a gh60 satan build with this problem and the workaround I had was to just use DSA and SA profile caps. Sad, but just too lazy to desolder and use a new PCB.


Jack Humbert has will soon start selling a washer-based fix for thick Cherry profile keycaps conflicting with North-facing PCB.

See https://www.reddit.com/r/olkb/comments/8md1i9/story_of_jacks_two_rings_and_northfacing_menace/


I NEED THOSE NOW! Good lordy, I hope they actually work!


They do. I’ve tested it myself.


@Tiydal – Wait, where’d you hear about Tofu 65%?

I’d say my dream MX board would be a 910 or Kyuu but they’re quite out of my price range anytime in the near future. Hoping Kbdfans will pump something out similar at a good price.


If this had a 6u spacebar, or split spacebar options, I’d probably be pulling out my wallet already.

It’s kind of infuriating that so few cases support 6u HHKB or split spacebar layouts, but hey, at least it saves me money. 7U HHKB looks great, but doesn’t work for me for typing at all.


Agree 6u is better. But i think most designer will always opt for 7u for mx style switch :frowning_face: its been terms mx hhkb now


There are some 6U-HHKB MX options. Like the TINA-A, and (hopefully soon) the Chiwi 60. But they definitely seem to be more rare than 7U HHKB.


It will be tray mount and fit the 65% pcb they take. Wei confirmed it ages ago :slight_smile:


Yup, I want


Rings for North-facing PCB layout is shipping now at both OLKB and NovelKeys:


awesome thanks for the heads up


A couple of us expressed interest in a purple :heart_eyes: hhkb tofu on KBD’s Discord. Sherry seemed receptive.

If there’s any interest, could you please post here so we can get a group/list to show them that there would be sufficient demand? (Looking to get it added to the available colors direct from KBD, this is not a separate group buy or separate process.)


Potentially interested but would need to see what shade of purple since I’m already down for one in dark green :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think you’ll be able to get anything other than a render, but here are some purple Tofus:

I can’t guarantee purple Tofu HHKB will come out this way, don’t blame me, lighting is tough etc.


that looks amazing.


Do these purple Tofus exist ?
Anyone has a picture of a dark green one ?

I’m assuming the case in this tread is this one on thier site :


Dark Green Tofu https://imgur.com/PtKTdpB - it’s dark, almost black, with green tint.