KBDFans upcoming HHKB Tofu (with hotswap PCB)

HHKKB version of KBDfans Tofu 60% case. Now with a hotswap PCB…


ok, i’m watching that PCB. hot swap with HHKB layout support. awesome!

Seems decent.

i also wish the pcb support WKL bottom, wei you hear me?


And i’m integued if that plate is integrated, or just happens to just be the same shade of raw aluminum.

Well, i just ordered the TR60 HHKB layout with the hotswap PCB.
So i guess it depends on if you like sharper or more rounded edges.

And this one has a fixed layout unlike the TR60.

Damnnnnn I just bought a regular tofu

I’m definitely happy I didn’t hop on the normal Tofu with this revelation.

KBDfans is cranking out a lot now. Hopefully they’ll continue to work on improving quality.


Curse you hhkb layout users! There’s no wkl option from Gorge, Wei, or Sennin and I blame you guys.


Oh man! KBDFans keeps coming up with great boards. Typing on a Tina-C right now and really like the quality for the price. The Double2 looks pretty great as well if you’re into ortho layouts!

I look forward to more stuff from them.

That looks astonishing. Big HHKB + Hotswap fan. Do you have a timeline already?

It only keeps getting better!

I was on the fence on getting the TR60 but i wanted more angle… TR60 is 6 while Tofu has 7… The closer to the regular HHKB 8 degrees the better…

My quest for an MX HHKB that is with-in my puny budget is almost over!lol


Oh hey that’s me lmao!

Here is some more info on upcoming kbdfans products I’ve found out talking and on their server:

  • Tofu hhkb initial plan is dual type c, two female type c connectors one will be pass through. Not sure if this is still the plan. Hotswap qmk pcb. Case will not accept normal pcbs like dz60. Integrated 1.5mm plate, fixed hhkb layout. Brass weight option.

  • Tofu 65% will have brass weight option, compatible with tada68 pcb.

  • Kbd8x r2 is up, top left caps numlock indicator may be a selectable option, plate may support switch top opening. Better plate mount system and type c connector.


thanks for the info. looks like i might be grabbing the 65% tofu with the YD68 bluetooth 65% pcb. they have been putting battery room in all their recent cases so id imagine the 65% tofu will have it as well.

I’m so glad KBDFans exists. They crank out great stuff for a lower price range.


same here…best value imo

Only problem is both Tada68 PCB and YD68 PCB have north facing LEDs …