KBDFans website doesn't work on desktop

Anyone else have issues accessing KBDFans on desktop? It won’t ever load for me. I get text but no images. Console shows errors loading resources. Works fine on mobile on my wifi and cellular though.

I’ve tried every browser I own to no avail.

Is it still an issue? It’s working fine for me right now

weird, it hasn’t worked for days but now it works. DID YOU FIX IT, PHEYN?

I will neither confirm nor deny my involvement in these matters

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I was having the same issue yesterday

This happens to me all the time.

@KBDfans is your site down? Looks like a new storefront.

That’s what Im seeing too. Either they are fixing issues or there’s something new coming! I wonder…?!

Ha. Let’s all start buying furniture instead of keyboards!

New hobby: Furniture for keyboards.


Hmm, that’s a troubling sign… Does any one know what part of China (It is China right?), their located in?

I’m 96% sure their, at least distribution center, is in Guangdong.

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That’s awfully close to Hong Kong…

What does that have to do with anything?

It looks to me like they just forgot to pay shopify or something

Hmm they’re gone on AliExpress, too: No product search results from them, and their store page (accessed through the order history) doesn’t have any products. Strange.


Storefront still unaccessible, +5 hours and counting. Something must be really wrong. :thinking:

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iirc I think I read somewhere on their discord they were doing site maintenance. Its a little odd that their AliExpress is down as well.

edit: Just checked site, its back up.

“unplanned” site maintenance most likely. Thanks for the update!

Was getting mad spooked reading this thread after my shipment went from “expected July 21st” to “no shipping information at this time” today… still not totally un-spooked.