Keeb-Popper here!

Hi, I’m habbang! My name comes from the nickname of one of K-pop group Apink’s members, Hayoung, whose nickname is Habbang! I generally don’t share my personal information and only go by screen names. The most people know about me is I’m 20 years old and living in fruitful United Kingdom.

I dipped my feet into mechanical keyboards in mid-2018 when I got a GK61, some Kailh Box Jades, an Akko keycap set, and I went to town for a cozy $130. It was great.
I now use a KBDfans DZ60 inside a rosewood case, now housing my lovingly-lubed 67g Tealios V2.

I joined KeebTalk since I wanted to get into a community that shares my interest for mechanical keyboards, and a social spot to check around for when I have some down-time. I joined in February but have been too shy to interact, and have only ever lurked up until now.

I have previously reviewed switches over on the Linus Tech Tips forum (if I’m not allowed to post external links, my apologies, but I onced over the community standards and it should be fine?) where I’ve bought so many switches that I thought I should share my experiences with each and every one of them. My speciality area is definitely keyswitches.

I hope to meet some new and exciting people, and engage in interesting discussions with the excellent keyboard community!


Welcome to the community. Thanks for introducing yourself and sharing the keeb love. I’m also trying to (slowly) learn about more switches. Excited to read your reviews on that other site. Cheers!

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Hi Sowon. 방가방가.

Great reviews! Super informative. I took tons of notes :nerd_face:


Hello and welcome to the community!

Glad to have you here! Agreed with @ajoflo - I like your informative and useful reviews.