Keebtalk Community Awards 2019: THE FINAL VOTE

Hi friends,

Well it’s finally time for the last vote for the KeebTalk Community Awards! Once again, I’d like to give thanks to everyone who voted, all of our wonderful committee members who gave their feedback, and all of the wonderful content creators and designers who make our community a more wonderful place.

All of these finalists were chosen using both the nominees voted for last week, as well as input from the committee.

Without further ado, let’s get to the finalists!

Top Keyset of 2018

  • GMK Olivia
  • GMK Space Cadet
  • DSA Alchemy
  • GMK Laser
  • GMK Serika

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What was the Top Keyboard of 2018?

  • TGR Alice
  • TX60
  • RAMA M60-A
  • No. 1/60
  • Norbauer Norbaforce

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What was the top PCB of 2018?

  • H87a
  • Zeal60
  • KBD6x
  • HSE 60%
  • M60-A

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What was the best innovation of 2018?

  • VIA
  • Gasket Mount
  • Proliferation of USB-C
  • Proliferation of Hotswap PCBs
  • QMK Improvements

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What was the top keyboard trend of the year?

  • Gasket Mount
  • Polycarbonate Cases
  • Holy Pandas
  • Thick Plates
  • Japanese sublegends

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What was the best business of 2018?

  • Novelkeys
  • KBDFans
  • Zeal PC
  • Kono
  • GMK

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Which member contributed the greatest contributions to the keyboard community in 2018?

  • Nathan Kim
  • Top Clack
  • Manofinterests
  • MechMerlin

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What was the best group buy of 2018?

  • TGR Alice
  • GMK Olivia
  • M60-A
  • Norbatouch
  • No 1/60&65

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All polls will close on 4/1 at 12:00PM! Thank you so much for your participation.


Can’t wait to see the results. Fun poll. Also, I hear a random poll participant will get a full DSA Retro set, right?! /wink


It’s time!

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i love emilia

Remember, a vote for Alchemy is a vote for PBT.

Just a reminder to you all that the polls will be closing at 12pm on April 1st so be sure to get your votes in now!

Some surprising results, some just as expected. Congrats winners.


Pretty solid results! Congrats to the winners!


Congrats to all the winners!



I am honored by the result! Very close for that category and exciting to see how the rest of 2019 will turn out as the community continues to grow!


Congratulations to all the winners of this years KeebTalk Awards! Excited to see what’s in store for the coming year but always nice to celebrate all the cool people and projects in our community.

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Oh wow! This is awesome. :smiley:

Thank you everyone who voted for NovelKeys. I really really appreciate that. :heart: