Keebtalk Community Awards: Rules & Information

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Hello everyone,

The Board of Keebtalk as well as our Moderators would like to present to you all this year’s

Keebtalk Community Awards.

The Keebtalk Community Awards exist to recognize excellence in several fields of the hobby. We believe that so many great creators in the community should be recognized for helping make our community more beautiful in their own ways. We want to recognize our moderators @Zambumon and @cijanzen for their hard work in making this a reality. We also want to thank our board members who have also given their insight on this.

General Awards

  • Keyset of the Year
  • Keyboard of the Year
  • PCB of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Keyboard Trend of 2018
  • Business of the Year
  • Keebtalk Community Contribution
  • Groupbuy of the Year

General Awards Rules: Nominations, the Committees, and Finalists

Each user nomination will be submitted anonymously via a google form found here. Each nomination must be a product that has shipped out to buyers by March 1st. For any award category with specific rules, there will be any extra rules listed on their respective google form.

Each topic will be open for 1 week to accept nominations. After this period, the chosen committee will pick 5 finalists of all of the nominations before proceeding with a 1 week period where users can vote on who they believe should win the award.

Any committee members that are directly related to any nominations to any of the categories will not have any voting options in choosing the finalists for that category (e.g. if GMK Serika becomes nominated for Keyset of the Year, Zambumon can not choose any finalists for the Keyset of the Year category).

Open Nomination: 3/8 until 3/15
Committee Decision: 3/16 until 3/23
Finalist Voting: 3/24 until 3/31

Award Announcements: 4/1

Artisan Awards

  • Artisan Designer of the Year
  • Up and Coming Artisan Designer of the Year
  • Best Improved Artisan Designer of the Year
  • Sculpt of the Year
  • Artisan Keycap of the Year
  • Technical Category

Artisan Awards Rules

With artisans being more subjective to evaluate, and more abundant in availability, the Artisan Awards will operate differently from the General Awards. The Artisan Awards Committee was formed to not only formulate the categories for the Artisan Awards, but to also select nominees in each category.

To limit the choices to a reasonable number, the Artisan Awards Committee has agreed upon a maximum of 5 nominations per category, with the exception of the Artisan Keycap of the Year category, which may have a maximum of 10 nominations. To be nominated for a category among all the makers is, in itself, an accomplishment. Nominees are typically selected from the pool of active makers who are casting and sculpting in the year that the awards apply to.

The community will then vote for their favorite nominee, and one winner will be determined based on anonymous popular vote in each category. The only exception to this rule is the Technical Category, a special category recognizing anything that contributed to the education, infrastructure, tools, or production of artisan keycaps, whose nominees will only be selected and voted on by the Artisan Awards Committee, with some input from the maker community as needed.

We understand that personal biases may exist and cause issues when it comes to artisans, due to varying preferences in style and aesthetics. With the first, inaugural Artisan Awards, we hope to have gather a committee as diverse and qualified as possible to spearhead an effort in recognizing the work of artisan keycap makers within our community. The committee has carefully considered and discussed this year’s nominations, and we hope that the Keebtalk community will support its nominated candidates.

Artisan Awards Voting here

Finalist Voting: 3/8 until 3/31

Award Announcements: 4/1

The Committees:

To help facilitate choosing the best nominees for each topic, We have assembled a committee for the General awards and @TaehaTypes has assembled a committee for the Artisan awards. The committees will have the responsibility of reading through every nomination and reasons for the nominations to choose the nominations that reflect the top 5 contenders for each award.

General Committee:
Manofinterests/Huey - @Manofinterests - Media: YT
Ryan Norbauer - @norbauer - Vendor/Designer
Andrew Lekashman - @lekashman - Vendor
Olivia - @olivia - Designer / Software Developer
Nathan Kim - @TaehaTypes - Media: YT / Twitch
Zambumon - @Zambumon - Designer / Keebtalk Moderator
Cijanzen - @cijanzen - Keebtalk Moderator
Quakemz - @Quakemz - Media: YT / Twitch
Jae - @Jae-3soteric - Media: YT / Twitch
Wodan - @Wodan - Media: YT
Chokkan - Media: YT
Merlin - @merlin - Media: YT / QMK Ambassador

Artisan Committee:
Nathan Kim/TaehaTypes - @TaehaTypes - Media: YT / Twitch
LightningXI - @LightningXI - Media: Instagram
DJSwayde - @DJSwayde - Media: Instagram
rmendis - @rmendis - Media: Instagram
Joey Quinn - @JoeyQuinn - Media: Instagram
txclack - @txclack - Media: Instagram
myan - @Myan - Media: Instagram

We hope you all enjoy these community awards that will let you reflect your past year of enjoying this hobby!


Hello everyone! We are just finalizing our list of finalists for each category in the general Keebtalk Awards and should have that posted and open for voting later tonight.

Once again, I want to thank you all for your participation in the nomination process. It has been wonderful to see the variety of nominees called out and it has been difficult to narrow down these categories!

With that said, we will have 5 nominees in each poll for their respective category and it will be up to you again to pick one winner in each of these categories.

Even though it will come down to 1 winner for each category, we want to acknowledge all the hard work from everyone in our community. From larger vendors who supply us with switches, parts, and amazing groupbuys, to the designers coming up with amazing keyboards, Keysets, and PCBs, and everyone who provides such amazing content, education, and entertainment in our community, we have one awesome group of people!

Good luck to all the finalists, and stay tuned for the polls to be opening soon!

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