Keebtalk, hi!

Been lurking around the hobby for a long time, collecting boards and keysets along the way. I finally figured it was time to say hi.

I’m what seems to be in this hobby, a rare Mac user (I’ve based that entirely on how well Command and Mac keysets sell, so if you’re out there Mac users, let’s hear it!), and an even rare 65% Tsangan-layout Mac user. I’ve been lucky with a few limited GBs and have collected a few boards, but continue to have trouble finding keycaps I love—and that support my layout predilections. Maybe more Mac users like me need to speak up!

So hello to you all!


Hello and welcome ! What are those collected boards ! Hit us up with pics :love_hotel: :star2:

Dude I feel you on the Mac thing, I am a Mac user not by choice but for work, I’ve been wanting a key set for a work board that can accurately reflect what the keys do if a coworker wants to use my keyboard but it seems like no one has a command key to go in the traditional caps lock position

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Hello and welcome!

I use macs at work, and am definitely looking forward to the mac kits I’ll have coming in early next year. So far my keyboards have only confused my co-workers when they need to check something on my station. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, see, I knew somebody would want pics and I almost didn’t post because I don’t have them right now.

On the desk right now is a pre-built, because the other ones are still in production or “in the shop”. That has Kailh BOX Blacks and GMK WoB with the Icon modifiers from GMK WoB Hiragana. I’ll move that over to a Decent65 once it arrives.

I also use a Keydous NJ68 that I picked up on Drop so I could have a Bluetooth mech with my iPad. That has lubed Healios with 67g springs and some PBT muted grey keycaps.

And then the one that converted me to Tsangan. By pure luck, I managed to get my hands on a navy Iron 165 extra! That’s the one in the shop, awaiting some cream stabilizers to go with NK Creams. Still looking for the best keycaps for that. Believe it or not, the navy Iron 165 was one of the first keyboards I saw, somewhere on Instagram or in a keyset GB rendering. For a long time I couldn’t figure out what it was or how to find it, but I knew I wanted one. When I finally figured out that it was long gone I decided to move on to other things (see Decent65). Thinking I’d never get it, I threw my name in the S+R Extras hat and was flabbergasted to have been selected.

I can’t believe I almost forgot one other board that’s in production (I clearly need to sell something, here). A Noxary 268.2 in the purple.

My sympathies to you! Here I’m just trying to find some classic sets with two 1.5u Cmd keys for the bottom row.

The drop mt3 sets have it off the top of my head iirc

Indeed. I’m not thrilled with the profile, though. I’ve joined KAT Refined WoB, but am even a little skeptical of the extra height of KAT compared to Cherry. Maybe my problem is that I need to branch out.

I’m with ya, cherry is the best. Sometimes GMK sets have them

Yeah, everything janglad designs seems to have them, even if in a separate kit, but they’re clearly a committed Mac fan (Modern M0110!). So that’s things like Minimal, 9009, MoDo/MoDo Light. But I ended up passing on GMK Deep Navy for the Iron165 because I didn’t really want an “incorrect” layout.

Great, another Mac user!
I just signed up, and my first board is arriving today (Keychron K2), and I too am looking for keycaps, and such.
I’m just learning about stuff and have done some reading.
I second the comment below to hit us up with pics! we don’t care if you’re a photog, we just want to see them.

Welcome! Fellow Mac user here—hence the username.

I feel your pain on not enough Mac support with some keysets but I guess that comes with being a minority. One thing I’d like to see more of are keysets that include f-keys up to f-13. I love ten keyless layouts but really don’t have much use for Print Screen, Scroll Lock, etc. I’d rather just have function keys that I can program to do whatever I want.

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fellow Cmd and Opt key searcher here. those key sets usually end up costing tons :slight_smile: or the creators don’t want to do mac kits. oh well! at least there’s epbt 2048 for now, with mt3 version coming.