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Keycon will take place on June 1st 2019 in New York City.
You can find the meetup details here.

Game plan?

I’m arriving in New York thursday night and will be bumming around the city all friday doing touristy stuff and eating delicious food. Saturday will be the meetup which should be an amazing time :smiley:. After the meetup I have dinner with two friends of mine, and then will be partying away the night until sunday morning when I fly back to CA.

What keyboards are you bringing?

None. I’m bringing a lot of camera gear instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see whoever else there :smiley:


So what other fellow KeebTalkers are going to KeyCon? I’m getting a few boards packed up today to send ahead so they’ll be there for me to show this weekend.

I was initially a little reluctant implicitly to endorse the GeekHack-MassDrop industrial complex by attending, but then I learned that @TaehaTypes had already put me on a panel about keyboard design, so I learned to stop worrying and embrace my humanity by being a more fully-formed hypocrite and booked a flight. :slight_smile: Also, I have a lot of keyboard friends in New York. And I’m not sure that GeekHack, i.e., the bought-and-sold entity, can really fully claim ownership over KeyCon anyway, as it’s really an entirely community-driven operation. As I have said in so many places before, Matt/jacobsmirror deserves enormous credit for the (surely largely thankless) effort involved in organizing something like this.

Anyway, if anybody who has ever supported any of my stuff is going to be there, please come track me down and say hi! I’d love to hear any and all feedback, including (and especially) anything you thought sucks and that I can improve on. :blush:


That he does.

KeyCon has blown up this year. I’ve been following the Discord channel. I think the days of casually showing up if you happen to feel like it on the day of, are pretty much over. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

I hope this goes well and that you all have an excellent time.

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No kidding. Managed to secure a spot last minute.

Not bringing my boring keyboards but I am bringing my bicycle.


I’ll be there. Looking forward to it!


That’s awesome @jshufelt. Please come find me and say hi!


Unfortunately it’s looking like I’ll be stuck at home this year. :sob: We got flooded out really bad the last 2 days down by my house , so I’ll be working on cleaning up our barn & yard all weekend probably.

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Oh man, that sucks. But life priorities sometimes takes precedence–and your property getting flooded is definitely a legit one of those. I’m sorry we won’t have the chance to chat this time, but hopefully at another meetup soon. Good luck getting everything sorted out at home!

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I’ll be there in spirit, so if you feel a cold, slightly unsettling presence drift by, it’s probably just me.


Yeah, I’m pretty bummed but gotta get the lower property cleaned up this weekend unfortunately. Thankfully it just flooded our barn & lower property, our house sits up pretty high from the creek so it would take some biblical end times flooding to get to that, LOL! I’m planning on being at the Cleveland meetup that is coming up soon, but I know you’re from CA so not sure if you’ll be back over here so quickly for that one. If you are we’ll definitely have to shoot the shit some! :slightly_smiling_face: