Keebtalk Logo sticker?


Now we have new Keebtalk logo. How about a sticker for your private jet, luxury yacht or just maybe the back of your 1978 Honda Civic? That would be cool.


I agree! @Manofinterests @norbauer @lekashman @olivia @TaehaTypes can we make this and T-shirt’s happen? I know I saw some at the NorCal meetup…


I also agree, we need stickers!


I’d be down for some stickers for sure!





Soon? We do have some shirts on hand and the design could easily be ‘stickerized’, but currently I’m waiting for some last bits of paperwork involving the 501(c )(3) and the IRS. I want you guys to be able to choose whether or not you want to have t-shirts and stickers be tax deductible :smiley: