Keebtalk not accessible on the web

Is it only me or is anyone else also not able to access the keebtalk site via web browser?

It is for me like that for several days now. No matter what browser, what os, or what Network I always get an error saying the site is not available. I am browsing the site for quite some time now on my phone via the Discourse App, but I would love to browse on the Web too.

Any ideas how to solve this? I already switched browsers, systems, networks, and deleted cookies, but still not able to access the site.

No problem here. What’s the exact error you have ?

Just wiped all browser data/cookies/history and it is working again for me. :+1:

Wait there’s a discourse app??

Yep, for both, iOS and Android, it is called DiscourseHub.

Just checked out the app, it’s a neat way to organize multiple discourse sites in one place.