Keebtalk Sticker (NEW)

I know there is already a sticker thread. I make a new one for a better overview.

Over the weekend i planned some stuff and get the KEEBTALK logo from @Manofinterests.

I choose stickermule for the stickers and I think diecut sticker.

Size: 10cm x 10cm / 3,94in x 3,94in

Here are the prices:

50pcs - 74€ - 1,48€ each sticker
100pcs - 103€ - 1,03€ each sticker
200pcs - 153€ - 0,77€ each sticker


I think I can send the stickers via letter.

Germany - 0,95€
Europe - 1,70€
Non-Europe - 1,70€

Here is the Logo:


Let me know what you think.



Hey! Great job!

I did have a couple of questions though…

  1. What size sticker would this be?
  2. Are you planning the inverse sticker also? The one from dark theme.
  3. Is this a different version of the logo? The one in the corner looks more rectangular and has 6 keys above the space bar.

Please let me know if/when you setup a group buy or start taking orders.

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1.: yeah i forget the size. the post is edited :wink:
2.: it´s possible. i have to check my bank account :wink:
3.: i think you need a monitor with a better resolution. here it is the same logo as in the header :slight_smile:

follow this thread an you get the notification when the order starts :wink:

I am looking on my phone… So the logo might be different than on desktop. Dark:



oh it expand while scrolling :slightly_smiling_face:

it´s a choice from the community here which logo we take for the stickers.

My vote would be for the logo with wordmark


I really like both to be honest (great work @PHO!), but if I had to choose one I’d go with the logo with wordmark in dark. The pricing points look pretty reasonable too, considering I think most of us would pick up a few at least. Thanks again for doing the legwork on this PHO, I’m fairly sure I speak for everyone that’ll grab some that it is highly appreciated! :wink:


If you’d like the version with wordmark, let me know @PHO, I have the official vector for that one too

I just figured people would want the logo as an easier to place sticker lol


Ok - @Manofinterests can you send me the vektor graphics with the wordmark please.

I don´t want to make a group-buy thing out of this because I believe if we do a GB out of this we have to wait to long. So i will order the stickers on my invoice and everybody who want one of these can contact me.

I planned to order the stickers bit by bit. I think we should start with the simple Logo and do the Logo with wordmark bit later or should we start with another design?

Let me know what you think.

I’d be down to snag one of these, but I would want a smaller one: 4" is pretty darn large compared to the r/mk sticker I have that’s only like 2.5" x 1.5"


Had a hought for a red key or tow. figured I’d share


Question about production method; will these be printed (maybe with lamination?) (like Novelkeys’ stickers) - or will they be die-cut vinyl transfers (like the r/MK stickers)? Or perhaps either might be an option depending on where one might want the sticker?

I ask because I’m curious - but also because I have equipment to produce the latter (vinyl transfers) and would be delighted to help.


Wondered that, too. And if printed, will the background be transparent or white?

What size would those stickers with logo and wordmark be? Surely not same height, just four times as wide (i.e. 10×40 cm), so I assume those will be rather same width and a fourth of the height (i.e. 2.5×10 cm).

Ye, I would like a smaller regular sticker to put on stuff.
The big one is more of a car sticker, right?


I’d be happy to make vinyl transfer stickers (different from the printed and then die-cut ones from Stickermule) at pretty much any requested size, going by either a desired width or height. Stickermule does also sell these, but I make them here in my apartment, so, hey - no middle-man. :slight_smile:

In terms of smaller sizes, there will be a point at which my cutter will not be able to do the little key dots, but I think I can get them pretty small. About what size were you thinking?

They’re good for most surfaces but aren’t as good for stuff like sticker-bombing. Instead of being printed, they are cut and then kept in place with transfer tape until you put them on something - here’s an example from Google:

I’d be happy to send you and whoever else in the thread that might be interested some prototypes for feedback. Once the size(s) and such are nailed down, I can figure out what they’d cost to make for a larger run (or a small one) and set up a widget of some kind so people could buy them securely with PayPal or something here on the site.

I’m not sure how much interest there is, but I thought it might be cool to send any proceeds above my production and shipping costs to whoever keeps the lights on here at Keebtalk. I really appreciate this community, and in the age of popular aggregates and giant social media sites, I think this just might be my favorite place on the internet.


From which country would you ship these? (Just to get an idea of potential shipping costs.)

I’d definitely be interested in a few

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So it won’t work on my desk?

I need more! :wink:

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Oh right, I totally forgot this was a thing. @Deadeye if you need any of the .png or vector files for the logo(s) let me know if you want to bring this to reality :slight_smile: