Keebwerk and other things

So I recently did my monthly scavenging for boards and whatnot…
Came across Keebwerk and they have this board (Mega.) that seems quite solid and a reliable 65%.
However, to my surprise, I didn’t find much information about the board, just a video and VOD live stream.

Anyone has intel on the story behind the board… I would assume that it might at least make some noise in the community even if it’s just a little.


I’ve been watching this on eBay.


I’m actually decently interested in the board however I wish there was more information out there about it. Like discussion on the board and how it was made etc… (thoughts from the community or owners of the board)

I don’t understand why Keebwerk doesn’t announce themselves more. Unless they are somehow a scam, they seem to be working really hard to get their products out there and make a premium brand.

It looks like the Mega. was a real pain to finally produce, was postponed for several months and then nobody notices it. I was following the development on their site, It seems they removed all the updates when the last one was up, they had several problems to get it on time due to covid. I think they had to make the plates, cases and pcbs in different places, and in the end the boxes/packaging weren’t ready. The last problem was a legal hurdle over taxes.

It feels like they are aiming too high with this board given that they are offering several customization options, and it’s a premium product, while not doing group buys. And I couldn’t find “real” reviews about it, just thoughts on it, and it seems really nice. I wanted to buy one of this boards, but I ended up buying an ortho 40% and is the only thing I know how to use now xd

I’ve only bought Tacits V1 from them, a year ago, and because they had some problems I think I applied the warranty after emailing them, because they offered to send me a batch of the new ones when they were ready. After almost a year, when the V2 were released, I emailed them again and they sent me the same ammount I had bought but now in V2 (and the package was really neat, colorful, pretty and sealed, like something you would pick in a store xd).

This willingness to answer my several mails and give me a batch of V2s is what kept me interested in them, and now I personally trust them, to a point, because the lack of publicity is concerning to me. It feels like they don’t want attention for some reason,

Honestly, If I had the money, and still liked normal staggered boards, I would give it a shot, I’m confident it is a really good board. But that’s just me xd