Key there, I'm Mr Keebs


Hey there,

I’m a Brazilian mechanical keyboard enthusiast that joined the community this year. It was a great pleasure to finally join a hobby that would take my mind away of day to day stuff and work.

Recently I started doing live build streams in Portuguese, but I noticed a few international viewers started to show interest so I ended up doing them in English to benefit the whole community.

Since then, I also started this youtube channel with a few reviews, comparisons and build logs. My favorite videos so far are the comparison between Tealios and Vintage Blacks:

Also the Hako Clears review:

Other than that, I am a software developer and spend most of my time between US and Brazil.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can find the rest of the reviews along with a dozen of live builds, unboxings and etc:

Also to twitch where I also stream my builds:

And finally my Instagram:


Hey! I stumbled into your videos on YouTube just the other day when searching for info on Tealios! It’s awesome to have you here; welcome. :smiley:


Thanks a lot! Huge fan of your work. Just ordered a Norbatouch 30 mins ago!


Able to give me a tldr on your tealio Vs vintage black comparison? I’ll watch but I’ll be away from keyboard till Monday and I’m curious! (Disclaimer I own both and have an opinion but love discussion, bit of a linear obsessive).

And welcome!


My personal tldr: vintages are way better after lubing. Tealios are excellent if you want something that feels nice out of the box, but you can’t beat good old vintages.

Does this help?


Completely agree, Tealios are one of the best stock linears in terms of smoothness imo but for me you lose too much in sound to make them a true competitor to a decent cherry picked vintage.

Yay! Agreement is best.