Keyboard cases with rounded edges

I was looking at reviews of the Capsule65 keyboard, and that reminded me I rarely see rounded edges on custom cases anymore. My recent favorite keyboards are the Keychron Q6 and Q9, but both have relatively sharp front edges - hardly radiused at all, right where my thumbs tend to rest. I do have a wrist-rest I use sometimes, but… not ideal.

I have some vintage hand-wired keyboards (ex: IBM “Pingmaster”) that have rounded front edges, but are there any cases out there like the Capsule65, but with a smooth rounded profile on the front edge, not just the sides?

Appreciate any suggestions!

Comes to mind

Also, the Vortex PC 66/68 boards.

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It’s not exactly rounded, but it’s not a sharp edge and feels quite nice.

Tata80 (not my photo, it’s from their imgur image gallery here)


Thanks! Those Vortex boards look almost exactly what I was thinking of, I’ve put one on the list to try out next!

It looks like someone designed those Tata80 boards to eliminate exactly the front edge I was referring to. Thanks for the lead! (The one in green and copper looks so nice…)

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