Keyboard cleaning / sterilization for Covid 19?

What would be the best way to clean / sterilization a keyboard.

We have medical staff, that will have to share computer systems.

We’ve been using Sani-Wipes and alcohol wipes, neither of which are good at getting in-between the key caps.

My thoughts are to use isopropyl alcohol and a brush, by either dipping the brush or misting the keyboard, then using the brush to distribute the isopropyl alcohol.

The goal is for the saff to clean the keyboard when they sit down, and when they get up to leave.

Thoughts and or suggestions.

I’d use keyboard skins so they can be swapped easily and cleaned without risking electronics. When not available, wrap the keyboard in a large transparent plastic bag.


I agree with @donpark, but I’ll ask my mom what they’re doing at her hospital when I get a chance tomorrow & let you know what they’re doing.

It’s probably too short notice to switch to something like this, but I’ve many times seen special keyboards for use in medical settings that can be wiped down easily with disinfectant.

Might be a useful longer-term solution.

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As @donpark suggested I’d go for the plastic wrapping to be fair, inexpensive and effective.

Specific industrial keyboards are ok but I often think they are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exactly exists for profit.

I meant something like this

For extra points, look up “vacuum garbage bag challenge” and experiment. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I talked to my mom earlier & she said all the KBs in the hospital have been ones like @norbauer linked for years now. Given the price & probably availability of things like that right now though, I think the best “punt” solution would be to use a fresh sheet of saran wrap overtop the KBs for each use of the KBs. I think as long as each person puts their own sheet on when starting to use them & dispossess of it as soon as they’re done. Combined with wiping them down with a disinfectant wipe a few times per day should provide a decent level of protection. Not the best, but any steps to protect each other is better than none TBH.

Be safe out there since your still working @CosmicKira, also big props/thanks from me & I’m sure the other KT members for staying working since you’re in the medical field! The world needs you guys working to keep from a worst case scenario, so IMHO from the lowest data entry clerk to the smartest doctors working on vaccines you guys all are heros! :hugs:


I found a similar device from wetkeys, for about a hundred, that I forward to the boss.

It probably feels like an ATM pin pad…

Thanks all for your suggestions.