Keyboard Cover for 1800?

I have a couple of the Orange brand and one of the old elitekeyboards roofs

Are there any roofs/covers that fit on a 1800 keyboard (specifically a Leopold FC980C)?

My elitekeyboard roof has no sidewalls, so it fits, but doesn’t cover all the keys.

I keep the covers on whenever I’m not actively typing. They’ve saved me from several spills while eating lunch at my desk. Really pleased I’d left the cover on the keyboard that was stranded at the office for 6 months during the pandemic :slight_smile:

there’s always cardboard :upside_down_face:

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I’m actually using the cheap, thin plastic that comes with the keyboard now :slight_smile:

You could be faux fancy and head to the arts & crafts store for some balsa wood and wood glue :smiley:

maybe even wood burn a design on the top

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In the short term, sometimes I’ll just place a keyboard sleeve on top - but I like @Manofinterests’ idea about getting crafty with wood.

If you could see my plastic roofs, you’d see why that isn’t a great option. They’ve got a lot of goo on them :slight_smile:

Stopping eating lunch at my desk would probably work better all round :slight_smile: . Or maybe I could 3D print something…


Wow, thanks!