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I don’t particularly like the set but it does look like a perfect candidate for PBT dye-sub considering the legends are darker than the base keycap colors. Not even all-over/reverse dye-sub, just regular old dye-sub.

With the glut of GMK sets queueing to be run it almost feels wasteful to run a set like this double-shot.


An interesting redesign of a tray mount wedge.

Is this the keyboard version of this classic?



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This looks like a fancy Campine. Strangely no WKL or HHKB options. Why have a tray mount with separate top pieces of not for that? Lol.


yeah… the two piece traymount seems to only increase the cost and allow for 2 tone anodization, hopefully this isn’t a new trend.

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