Keyboard Hobby = RPG

This hobby is starting to feel like a classic RPG or side quest. Starts off with a quest “get the ultimate keyboard”. But you can’t just go to a store an get the “ultimate keyboard”. 1st you must navigate the treacherous group buys. Pick one to join but wait is a lottery which you won great! and wait… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… But while waiting go on the side quest to gather the other components and tools for the “ultimate keyboard”. These components have been scattered across the internet vendors. From there the mini-game of waiting till a certain vendor restock time clicking refresh as quickly as possible. Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… all your components come in and then the “forging” process begins!

The “ultimate keyboard” is yours… but have you heard the legend of the OG Holy Pandas or expansion pack Glorious, “not holy”, pandas… side quests again damn…


Everything’s a side quest. :wink:

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People need to invest more points in luck when they level up so they have a higher chance at raffles


Do long lubing sessions count towards leveling up your stamina or dexterity?

Also, “just one more quest” syndrome becomes “just one more keyboard/keycap set”.

Exploring the world means purchasing every new switch type as it becomes available. Also layouts and form factors.

Inventory management is the same as with RPGs - why do I need so many different switches, films from every available manufacturer… Hoarding like health potions in RPG…

Also, don’t get me started on similarity between artisans and skins (paid loot boxes).
Looks… something something, contributes nothing :wink:


From my experience playing dark souls, and any MMORPG that has a separate wardrobe function, looks are end game.

Stylin’ on people with some fashion souls.

How do people know you’ve reached the peak? You have the transmog sets to show off :sunglasses:


And that boys and girls, is how gambling addictions start…


Maybe JWK took this to heart with their switch recolors?


So true for keycap set :smiley:

I own only 3 sets at the moment, but started taking keycaps group buy at a regular 2 months pace.
I will at some time have to store 7 more sets, and I’m sure it is just a start; this is super addictive, haha!

Like someone else said - most of my keycaps are stored in Germany (and China) :smiley:


Someone make this an 8-bit mobile game. I would play.

I put all my points in the engineering tech tree… now the side quests are design something better than the last, validate, prototype, wait, wait, wait, and finally forge. then you get the IC side quest to try and recoup costs…


You just gotta wait. In Cyberpunk looks are a stat too.