Keyboard Marketing Newb

Hi guys!

I’m completely new to this whole slice of life, I was waaaaaay into my Cars and etc.
I recently switched out jobs and went from B2C (Business To Consumer) to a B2B (Business To Business) Company that sell keyboards.

I’m talking all kinds of keyboards, even some relics, but our prime stock is from Cherry.

I never really knew anything about Keyboards other than the occasional talk of Mechanical keyboards and cherry switches.
I recently came across this Hobby and I’m definitely intrigued to know more.
I’m just unsure where to start? I market these products but know little, to nothing about them.
I’m just wondering what got you guys into this hobby and where did you start?

I feel like knowing more about this hobby would definitely help my ability to market, and I’d love to start building my own mechanicals.

Sorry for the complete noob post, but this is a completely new thing for me.

{TL:DR} : I changed job and now like keyboards but don’t know where to start.


Huh? That seems challenging.


It is!
I’m learning as much as I possibly can on the job and doing as much research as possible.
Back at home, I have a K70 Corsair, but the products we sell here are mostly mechanical.

I recently joined the Mechanical Keyboard Reddit and was just entranced.
Since joining the company I definitely feel like I’ve learned, plus, luckily, the keyboards come with datasheet PDF’s of specs.


Welcome welcome! You’ve come to a great place to learn about keebs.

I bet if you listed off a few models that you market to companies, at least a few folks here could tell you marketable things about them in the context of business use. I’m kind of curious to know what models are popular and with what sorts of businesses.

As for me, I stumbled into the hobby after buying a new cheap replacement keeb that was so bad I just didn’t want to use it. I’d heard the phrase “mechanical keyboard” thrown around on reddit a couple times so I decided to see what the fuss was about, and bought one of the cheapest possible mechanical keebs on the market at the time.

It was the best keyboard I’d ever used, and I thought to myself, “if this is the bottom, how much better does it get from here?”

I have a more detailed blog post about my trip into the rabbit hole on my site, but here’s a visual:

Just a peek…


That’s super thoughtful!
I’ve come across some weird and wonderful keyboards in my time here.
Signing an NDA about certain terms of stock and suppliers since we’re mostly a reseller has definitely put a spanner in my plans about telling you guys everything, but alas, I can share a pic or two of some funny models that come through.

This is probably my favourite one to come through mostly because when I opened the box to get some promotion material I genuinely thought it was more of a musical keyboard than a regular one.

Obviously, it’s an early learning keyboard but I never knew the varieties that came through. Like…
Look at the size of those keys.
I’ll try and keep you guys updated but most of my time here will definitely be looking through these threads to learn more.

Also thank you for the link! It was an enjoyable read and I can completely level with the idea of " if this is the bottom, how much better does it get from here?"
I look forward to learning about these bad bois.


Wow. This is interesting. It’s an ortho with a huge use of 2Us and a 6u spacebar for good measure. That F-row, ha. It’s good to see a F11 and 12 however. This is still leaps and bounds from the archaic peripherals I was forced to use growing up.

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Another day, another keyboard!
Here’s a few of the Cherry G80/84 series we stock still.


Funky looking things, especially with that inbuilt touchpad.
I used to wonder “who would buy these?” and then I found this site and realised I will more than likely probably end up taking one or both of these off their hands. :upside_down_face: