Keyboard NFT?

I’ve been seeing a group on Twitter by the name “NFTY KEYS”

Their bio says " The first NFT keyboard brand! Farm tokens to buy cosmetics and physical products."

I wonder how that’s going to work. Is it going to try and make something even more exclusive than super limited GBs by owning their NFT?

Want to hear what you guys think?


Anyone involved with NFTs is either a grifter or a mark and the first NFT scam I’m aware of in keyboards was perpetrated by Angry Miao: (self link) The First Mechanical Keyboard NFT Scam Has Arrived – Nuclear Monster


It’s a no from me for any NFT-related initiative that can’t clearly articulate the problem they are trying to address in a way that convinces me of a genuine intent to make the world a better place, even if incrementally.

Otherwise, such initiatives wrapped up in impenetrable language will always reek of something made to benefit a few, rather than the many.


Such an excellent video, content aside it’s so well edited it’s well worth the watch.

Anyway I would personally stay away from NFTs like fire in general and certainly not in favor of them creeping into this hobby.


I hope NFTs stay out of the keyboard community. NFTs are just a digital grift.


dang. i never knew that about angry miao/cyberboard. good to know going forward - yeesh.


Ugh, money grubbers. The dingleberries of society.


The M in NFT is for Mechanical Keyboards.


Same! Glad to know I can keep my distance from them, somewhat unsurprised given their Elon Musk fanboyism is, at the most generous, adjacent to this.

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It’s well-named, I’ll give it that. Otherwise it’s a combination of something I love and something that I couldn’t want less to do with.


Add the Afternoon Labs people to the list of shitheads pushing NFTs. Ugh.

Oh? I didn’t see anything about that. Shame. I only knew of them from association with Mkultra and that they did split boards. Where’d you see it?

Posted to their discord, I should have taken a screenshot before departing.

I don’t understand this.

NFTs have potential to be, y’know, actually useful. The thing is, they’re being used for what is essentially advanced money laundering.

Forcing them down people’s throats certainly won’t make them more popular, and they will always be seen as “that annoying thing they are forcing us to pay for”.

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RAMA is apparently getting on the bullshit with a version of the Kara that’s branded after an NFT scam:


The RAMA drama just keeps coming lol


rama good PR challenge (impossible)

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