Keyboard related media

i´m sitting here, listen to some podcasts and have an idea. I can´t find a post on keebtalk where all the interesting sites are collected (Admin, maybe you can make this post as an “Wiki-Post”, so everybody can edit it or just send me a PM and i will put it on the list). I know there is a post about some sites, but I think it´s overloaded and hard to read. It is much better for a beginner with an well curated list of sites.
I hope you enjoy the idea.

Let´s collect all the relevant mechanical keyboard stuff here:







I exist too for the YT section >.>

I also don’t think GH should be classified as a blog. It should be in the category “forum” alongside us and Deskthority


added, followed and changed :wink:

You should be able to do that yourself, click the wrench at the bottom of your post (might have to expand the full menu first) and “make wiki”

And while it’s on my mind, top clack and cyrosan22 should definitely be on the YouTube list, and it would probably be good to have a separate section for twitch streamers

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no wrench here :frowning: may because i am new at keebtalk ?!

Ah, I looked it up and apparently that’s limited to regulars so yeah it probably would have to be done by an admin I guess.

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