Keyboard Simulator

Wow. Keyboard Simulator renders custom keyboard keycap designs in in real-time using Three.js. Very cool. Open sourced at GitHub - crsnbrt/keysim: design and test virtual 3d keyboards.

Haven’t looked at the code yet but mixing this with VIA is a cool possibility.

Currently supported layouts:


We’ll that’s extremely rad and super useful… and has all kinds of possibilities.


Looks amazing!
Just a nitpick, is it possible to add a 50% ortho layout? I think that it is more common than the one with a numpad.


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Love it! :slight_smile: Now if only someone made it possible to import KLE layouts :grin:

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I am all smiles with this web app. Simply awesome.

Very nice - just needs more ISO layouts!

Test tab even animates the keys as you type. Well done!

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This is incredible. Love this community.

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