Keyboard Storage Solutions

For those who have entered the realm of keyboard hoarding collecting, how do you store your keyboards? Are they stored and difficult to access? Stored and easy to access? In reach? Out of reach? This is how I store my keyboard for easy access.

18 keyboards on the shelves; 2 balanced in-between.

The ‘parking garages’ are great for 60% keyboards (except the 5 degree). For the top racks, I’d recommend possibly lying some thin craft foam if you’re worried about possibly scratching your keyboard.

Link to Keyboard Desk Organizer

What do you use to organize or store your keyboards? TX cases? Random boxes? Shelves? I want to see how everyone stores their boards :smiley:


I put up some wall shelves mostly for keyboards but they’ve also acquired other stuff since then. I need to add a few more and make them wider.

As you can see I am almost running out of space on my good old shelves + typearrays solution:

I also recently did a review of the TypeArrays support:


Not sure if posting the same pic is taboo since I just posted in the Keyboard display thread, but here’s mine!

I have a bunch of keyboards that aren’t able to fit into that area so I’m looking into more storage options (or maybe I should just sell some of mine…).

I like that desk organizer @Manofinterests! But I don’t think I have enough room on my desk for it :thinking:


no solution right now but i was thinking about storing them upside-down to keep dust from getting in

or i guess in boxes but that’s a bit boring

I use U Line keyboard boxes (actually identical but cheaper knockoff boxes) and store keyboards in labeled boxes on wire racks in a shipping container.

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I just made a video on my keyboard storage


Finally got around to organizing my keycaps. Need more boxes already :grimacing:

Containers from IKEA in case anyone is interested.


I’ve been using these. Depending on how many keys, they won’t hold a whole keyset; they’ll hold 104 keys with no problem, but add on more, and I need two. How many do these hold?

A bit less than that depending on profile. I couldn’t fit SA Bliss base kit in one. I read the dimensions but somehow they still seemed smaller when I got them :joy:

This is when someone really makes it:


Dang is that a store or a collector’s collection?

That’s sick! But exactly what I would do if I could. :upside_down_face:

But have you all considered… wrist rest storage?


Speaking of ancillary items, how do you store your desk mats that are not in use? I just got the brain wave that somehow they could be affixed to the wall and they might make pretty good room decorations… perhaps adhered by thin but strong magnetic strips?

We had that discussion some time ago.
I still think my cheap fix still is the winner if you don’t have those big drawers for blueprints and seacharts.


I don’t have enough boards to take up this whole tool chest… yet. I use it to store boards in it when working on them.

Benefits: protected, dust free, locks and easily accessible!

Cons: doesn’t showcase keyboards, may not look good in every office and good luck getting that up stairs :wink:!


are the drawers deep enough to hold full size boards? My issue is the wide variety of widths and depths of boards. I did give a thought to those modular ikea cubby holes with small shelves/drawers installed in them.

KALLAX, for the IKEA-philes here.

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I used to have all my keyboards lined up vertically in like two or three of the sections of a kallax, but my amazing girlfriend thought it wasn’t doing them justice and got me the awesome rack I have now


Drawers are not deep enough 16" for a full size board. They could be wide enough 19.5".

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