(Keyboard) Stuff You Use

I’m thinking there are many of us who spend a fair amount of time trying to improve our workspaces, either to improve productivity, aesthetics or personal preference. I’m also hoping to share some of our favorites so others can potentially benefit from the creativity and thought we put into this hobby. I’ll start with a these three:

Keycap Storage - Glis box from Ikea. This translucent and compartmentalized box measures about 13" by 8" by 3". It works well for storing keycaps, with different sections for spacebars, function keys, mods and alphas.

Desk Pad - Aothia Office Desk Pad. I love the creativity of designers but I’m not a fan of stitched edges and rubber smell. This pad has a natural cork backing and a PU top surface. It lays flat and comes in an eco-sensitive package. It’s easy to clean and tracks wonderfully. I own three.

Keyboard Case - Bulldog Pistol Rug. I was looking for a bag based on dimensions and durability. This range bag came up in my search and it fit my criteria perfectly. It’s ideal for a 60 or 65. For anyone traveling (hopefully more in the near future) this is a great way to protect your keeb on the go. Price is incredibly reasonable and quality is over the top!


For an inexpensive minimal and utilitarian keeb sleeve, I like the Chiton Grifiti (Fat) series. This is what I use for my GK61, for example - good for a daily beater or tester, but you might want something with more armor for a custom or anything heavy.

I use 12 oz mason jars for switches; I put 68 in each, but they’ll hold a bit more. If you want a full 120-ish switches, go for at least 14 oz. They come in lots of styles, from modern and minimal to marmalade n’ moonshine.


my favorite is a costco sized megapack of quart ziplocks, they work great for switches, keycaps, whatever misc stuff, works great paired with a few of these

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