Keyboard that looks good from the top/side?

Hi there,

While I wait for my Class80 to be delivered, I wondered what other keyboards are out there and look good from the top? That is to say, not hiding their most beautiful feature on the bottom or the back…:wink:

The Sonnet comes to mind, and the Duo-M would be perfect in many ways (intriguing mounting style with springs and a gorgeous side profile thanks to a mid plate), except it isn’t available…because the kicker is, I’d like it to be deliverable in Germany in the next 10 days…:nerd_face::innocent:

So, hit me - what are my options for a beautiful or at the very least interesting (aka Mode Envoy mounting), good (deep) sounding keyboard that is also available? Anything from 65% - TKL :relaxed:

So far, I’ve come up with the Mode Sonnet and perhaps the Mammoth (but I don’t want all of my boards to be WS…:grimacing:), surely there must be more options (aside from going second hand)?


Stumbled across the Orion87, but can’t find a lot about it online…has anyone here heard of it? I dig the fried egg colour! And I like that you can see the yellow accent from the front as well.




I think pretty much all of ai03’s Signature Series boards would meet your criteria, though you’ll have to search for them on mechmarket or elsewhere as they’re all completed group buys. Price is definitely in the high range as well, even at the time of the GBs.

Edit: I missed this criteria. :person_facepalming:

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Oh yes, they totally do! Bummer about the availability…

This is a treat for me - I need to go to Germany for an emergency and I would like to have something nice waiting for me, hence the availability requirements. I guess I could see if one of those Thermal+ that have been floating around on the WTS channels comes up, but I’d rather buy from a shop if I’m honest.

(Unfortunately that also means that project shelf is on hold for now - I was nearly done, I just made a measuring error :tired_face:)

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