Keyboard with Integrated DAC+Headphone Amplifier

This is an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while, does anyone know if such a thing exists? I’m working on my own board and will probably put something similar in. Something along the lines of the Schiit Fulla but put into a keyboard. Plugging my headphones into a keyboard just sounds convenient to me.

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Yeah that’d be relatively easy. Just take out the internals of the dac, don’t put the enclosure in the keyboard.

I’m always into the idea of slapping more things into keyboards!

Cartel had some mockups of something similar but I haven’t seen it in a long time. The only issue I see would be power delivery. Wouldn’t you have to run another cord to power that amp? Might be clunky. If it’s possible to deliver power to the amp, Dac, and keyboard over usb c, that would be cool.

Found it. I don’t think this has gained any traction. Pretty sure it’s dead in the water. Cool ideas though.

If I’m gonna do it I’m going to go all the way and integrate it all into the PCB myself. I’ve always wanted to do my own headphone amp.

Dang that’s pretty cool looking. I totally would have gone for one. Looks like a jacked up candybar.

USB-C would be cool because you can pull a lot of power from it, but then you gotta worry about compatibility. I think a regular USB port can supply enough power for most reasonable headphones. I think I was actually thinking of the original Schiit Fulla when I made the post, that one didn’t have an option for the external power supply.

That would be a really cool project! I don’t really know much about PCB design or DAC/amps but it sounds like a really ambitious undertaking.

Wouldn’t you still need 2x USB inputs for PC connection (audio in + keyboard) and separate power, or would you be able to draw enough power from a standard PC USB port to drive it? Just looking over the Fulla 2, it appears to require a separate input for power. (I imagine this would still be a problem for USB-C though, I don’t think most PC’s USB-C outputs actually support power delivery)

I was thinking USB hub integrated as well, I’ve done that before. Have a port to plug a mouse into would be nice.

I need to do some more research but I think it should be fine. The original Fulla didn’t need one, and there are plenty of other USB DAC/amps out there that you don’t need a supply for like the dragonfly. I think you’re correct that most PC USB-Cs don’t support power delivery, as they are meant to be charged that way, not source it, but I think they still usually will provide more power than a USB-2.0 port would.

Think I worded that poorly, I meant that you would use 1 input as a hub to do both audio in and keyboard out (I think that’s how that would work?), and then a second input for power. Adding an extra female USB-A or two couldn’t hurt!