Keyboards and Speakers

With a budding interest in sound, I came across an interesting video that mentions Sorbothane in context of constrained layer damping. Someday, I’ll get into making speakers but, for now, I think there is a lot that case designers can learn from speaker designer.

Decidamp the video mentions is interesting too, making me wonder what a keyboard case made out of Decidamp sandwiched between two thin layers of plywood or metal sheet would sound-like.


I don’t have any wood or metal workshop tools so, when I have time to experiment, I’m going start with what I can work without much tools: layered paper. And a bucket of Decidamp, of course.

Could a case made out of Decidamp-coated then compressed layers of paper sheets or cardboard sound as good as Keycult cases? I don’t have answers yet but what I do know is that the search for the answers itself will be a lot of fun.


It’s time to be messy ?


Hard to avoid getting messy when working with a bucket of anything. :slight_smile:


I could listen to this guy for hours. So interesting.