Keyboards with Knobs - Recommendations?

I’m enjoying my Keynovo IF98 and Keychron Q6 for work keyboards, but for looking for something smaller/TKL for general browsing after work. Since I watch a lot of online media, having a volume knob would be nice - currently using four keys as media keys, which is a little cumbersome.

Any hot-swappable options that people recommend?

I was also looking into separate number-pads that have knobs, or maybe a dedicated media controller, but I’ve never tried anything along those lines. Prices I’ve seen are frequently higher than a full keyboard, which seems nuts.

Edit: as soon as I post this, I see an alert from Drop, for the KeebMonkey 1800 Gasket kit. Is this a decent option? Barebones (with knob) is $75, which is attractive.

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I have a GMMK Pro by Glorious Gaming, which is 75% with a knob. I’m not sure how valuable the TKL portion of what you’re looking for is, but I would argue that what I have is pretty good.

I’m genuinely addicted to the knob, it has a nice tactile feel when you turn it, and an audible click. I love spinning it, and it’s programmable (note: it is through the Glorious software).

1800 looks like a decent keyboard. I have previously heard of some manufacturing issues with Drop, but those were barely whispers of anything. I can’t really speak much about Drop’s products though, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

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Thanks for the suggestion, that looks like a nice bit of kit, I’ll definitely check it out! And sold through Best Buy? :exploding_head:

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