Keycap dampener O-ring help

Hi everyone, I’m kavips. I’m brand new to Keebtalk and relatively new to the mechanical keeb scene in general, so naturally I’ve got a question!

I recently replaced the switches on my Drop CTRL with Holy Pandas, which feel great and worked perfectly, but were bottoming out pretty hard, so I decided to try some keycap dampener O-rings. Since I installed them, however, I’ve noticed that a handful of keys are not registering consistently (seems like more force is needed) and some are even triggering two or three times (albeit that is not quite as frequent). Has anyone else experienced this sort of issue after installing keycap dampeners? Is it just user error and I simply need to adjust the way I type to account for the reduced .2mm of travel? (Please note that before installing the dampeners this problem did not exist and after removing them from the offending keys it has since disappeared. But now I have random keys that clack significantly louder than others and we all know that is simply unacceptable!)

Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome!

Holy Pandas already have a slightly reduced travel, so it could be that the o-rings stop the stem right around the actuation point, which could explain some of the weird behavior. They work great for some folks, but I’m not much a fan of o-rings.

If you’re looking to mellow the harsh bottom-out of your Holy Pandas, you might consider the drill mod.


Thank you for the advice! It makes a lot of sense now that you mention the already reduced travel of the Holy Pandas. That drill mod definitely looks like an interesting experiment that I may need to test out!

Thanks again!