Keycap signet

This is probably not a new idea, but I just had it, and a quick google search doesn’t reveal anything like that, and since I don’t have a 3D printer or any skill in 3D modelling, I’m posting it here, maybe it will inspire someone.

The idea is very simple, a ring, with an MX-compatible stem where the eye would normally be. You can put any key cap on it, to show it off, including those fancy artisanal ones. Could be printed, but then could be also cast from a variety of materials.

That’s it.


Would have to have some precise tolerances… the velocity of your average hand in motion, especially at a variety of angles, would most likely exert more force on the keycap than simply having it on a keyboard. Would hate to be walking around with my bling on and wave to a fellow keeboisseur only to fling my most expensivist GAF down a nearby storm drain (slight adaptation of a real experience with original airpods)