Keycaps for a Redox?

Hi Gang!

I am seriously considering a REDOX for my next keyboard. There’s just one problem: I don’t particularly like DSA keycaps (aka the only key sculpt that Falbatech stocks for that board).

Here then, is my question: does anyone have links to pre-existing sets that can accommodate a REDOX? Ideally I’d like a more figured profile like DCS or GMK. I would also like to avoid paying an arm and a leg.

I’ve also looked into parting out a set to cover the board via Signature Plastics / PMK, but the easiest way to do it seems to be via the DSA profile (which brings me back to square one).

Thanks in advance for your feedback, friends. I look forward to your responses.

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you could do something like this:

But the thumb cluster might not be right. That’s the only ergodox style caps that I know of in a profile other than DSA. You could probably get some blanks and do it or fill out a vomit keyset with a grab bag from SP or from Reddit by buying someone else’s grab bag leftovers. Or putting a post up specifically for what you’d need there right after the grab bags sell.

Lastly, the only other option I know of is to get into a GB and grab a set there that has ergodox support. But even then, you might be missing some for your thumb cluster.

There are also blank ergodox sets at aliexpress in xda and cherry profile.
Alternatively you could get a ortholinear set at aliexpress and in addition this 1.5? u caps.
I would anyway recommend rather flat caps for the thumb keys

That’s true, but my understanding is that the outside row of keycaps on an ergodox are 1.5u, while those on the redox are 1.25u (based on the caps sold by falbatech).

If I could just use an ergodox set, I have plenty of extra caps laying around to use for the redox…

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Here’s the key sizes included with what FalbaTech sells with the board:

70x keycaps:

  • 10x 1.25u keycaps (black blank)
  • 6x 1.5u keycaps (black blank)
  • 54x 1u keycaps (black blank)

Here’s a keymap of the key sizes of a typical ergodox set:

In other words, it is not clear to me whether a standard ergodox keyset would work with a redox…

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Adding some blanks to a regular Ergodox set will probably cover you just fine! Assuming you’re alright with Cherry or DCS, there’s plenty of options available - I think KBDfans and other Aliexpress sites sell blanks from Gateron in single sizes instead of just the keysets, and if you get the extra 1.5 and 1.25u caps, you should be able to cover your board just fine.

Wasn’t sure about the size of the larger caps. IIRC 1.25u caps are not that easy to find. Again your best bet is aliexpress.

For anyone interested, I emailed the seller and they reported that the board only accepts 1.25u keys on the outer row. Doh.