Keycaps Suggestions for Norbatouch casing

Hey everyone!

I acquired a Norbatouch casing for my Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S. I love it but I am still using the stock keycaps from the CoolerMaster and wondered what other folks who have this casing are using? My only thoughts are that I really like the height of these caps.

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What finish did you get?

Also, iirc the Masterkeys Pro S has north facing switches, so Cherry profile caps are out of the question due to interference. If you like the profile of the stock caps look for OEM profile.

To answer your original question, I’m using a set of KBDFans black-on-grey PBT keycaps on an Aerospace Norbatouch. It’s a pretty simple combo but I like it.

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OEM Profile :thinking: that’s a good idea. its the grey anodized finish. Can you link me to the keycaps you have?

These are the ones I’m using: Cherry profile DYE-SUBLIMATED PBT Keycap – KBDfans® Mechanical Keyboards Store

For the grey ano finish these would look pretty good.

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Not about keycaps but…

If you ever decide to desolder the Masterkeys Pro S, you can put in some switches with longer stem poles so that you don’t have to worry about the south facing issues causing collision with Cherry profile caps.

Also, the Kailh silent box (with the circular stems), Art box switches, and some of the new Gateron switches help avoid the issue.

I used the Kailh deep sea switch on one of my Masterkeys builds.


thanks for all the tips folks!!!

thanks for the keycap suggestion!!! this turned out great!

these caps are slightly shorter than stock caps i’ve had and i think its easier on my wrists during gaming but i’ll let you know!


thanks for the info here - the BOX browns look a little more punchy than the cherry mx browns BUT i see what you are getting at. very good information.

No fan of Topre?