Keycaps that click into place

I got a logitech pop keyboard, which has ttc switches and round keycaps.
when putting their keycaps back on, they click into place. im not talking about the switch click, but how the keycap is fastened to the switch. All other keycaps I have are just friction mount, but these logitech keycaps have a final click when the caps are pushed all the way down. I suspect it has something to do with the recess notch on the cross mount. so they also click on cherry swiches, gateron, but not gazzew. also not ttc box, the last two have smooth cross mount and they mount also very loose.

so anyone know any other keycap sets or manufactures that have this kind of characteristic? I mean they are mass produced keycaps, not necessarily high end, logitech must have followed some obscure standard to make these? even gmk keycaps do not click, and they are the original manufacture, right?


Actually GMK is not the original manu for Cherry profile caps, Cherry was that’s why it’s called Cherry profile. GMK bought Cherry’s machines & tooling (I think both, maybe just the tooling though?) for their double shot ABS line when Cherry quit making keycaps themselves (or shifted over to just the lasered POM they use now, not sure if they make them themselves or source them?). BSP bought Cherry’s PBT stuff, but I think BSP stopped making keycaps too now.

As far as the click thing goes one can only guess why Logitech speced their caps like that. If I had to guess they probably have had issues with the keycaps staying on the switches from the manu they get them from. Logitech does use pretty bottom of the barrel caps for their MX prebuilts IME.

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I have noticed this with some cap / switch combinations, but haven’t taken enough note to spot a pattern yet. Definitely run into it a few times, found myself wishing they all did that - it’s a nice confirmation that the cap is seated.