Keychron V1 barbone - Keychron K6 pro Barbone - Steelseries Apex Pro mini Which one should I choose?

Hello, I am aware that I have asked you for a lot of help, but unlike other groups, you have always listened to my calls for help. Actually, I will buy a new keyboard because the keyboard I just bought is feker ik 75 brick. I can sell my switches etc. and buy Steelseries apex pro mini omni switch or I can buy keychron v1 barbone or Keychron K6 Barbone. For me, the two come at almost the same price as the cargo or something, what do you think I should do. I have to add that I have spent too much time on custom keyboard tasks and I don’t want to try or get tired anymore. I’m just going to play games. I want a performance from the keyboard just for gaming. Unfortunately, although I will not be balancing stabilizers in the apex pro mini and I will lose the great sound quality in the custom keyboard, I don’t want to spend a little more time on the custom keyboard. But let me also say that I bought akko green matcha switch before I became feker ik 75 brick and keycaps. I think I’ll sell them if I’m going to buy a steelseries apex pro mini. But on the one hand, the sound and those other things I can customize also push me to buy a keychron. In the custom keyboard, almost all I’m looking for now is QMK support because if it’s brick, you can bring it back to life with the reset pins or key on the back of the pcb. Note: I’m not entirely sure if this is bringing QMK back to life.

I’m not sure I know all the answers here… but the Keychron V1 is said to be good for the money.

You can basically get it in a form where it’s ready, no-mods needed I think. It has adjustable feet [3 levels], so that’s useful. Should be plug-and-play, and it’s supposed to have QMK, right?

The only thing I don’t understand about it is, how is it better than an MK870? I guess it has better dampening + QMK / VIA + optional knob. So, from a features perspective, that is pretty good low-end. You might have to manually load a file for it every time you use it with VIA, that’s something that happens with some lower-end boards.

IMO, sounds like you’ve dabbled in custom keyboards and did not enjoy your experience. There is nothing wrong with that. Go with the Apex Pro Mini if that fits your budget and layout preferences.