Keychron V3 - Keychron's V (budget) series TKL with or without knob. Quick unboxing, review, and sound test

I made a short review of the new Keychron V3. I do believe it is the first video review out there.

I do not believe I have broken any rules, but please let me know if I have. Have a wonderful day!


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Thanks for the review, the Keychron V series looks to be a good value entrypoint. It is kind of mindblowing that they support QMK

Direct link to video: Keychron V3 - Quick unboxing, review, and sound test of this $69 kit. New budget TKL king? - YouTube

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Thanks for the link! Iā€™m loving the Keychron V series and have covered them all on r/BudgetKeebs.


Which one would you prefer? Keychron v3 or keychron k8 pro?


The build quality in the V and K Pro series is similar. The big question is whether you need either a knob or BT.