KEYGEM Stab Strinks

I might finally be able to pull off this mod.


I’m wondering if this is normal heat-shrink just conveniently cut to-size, or if this might be on the thinner side - I’ve seen a few people say that trying the heat-shrink mod didn’t work for them, with the stab wires ending up too thick. I’d be super keen to do this if I knew they’d fit in my stabs - most of my boards have the plate-mount variety, and they need all the help they can get.

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It might be, but a usable “cut to-size” must be measured in nanometers. I wasn’t able to get any key return during my futile attempts.

Ugh. Same here. I’m all for a solid solution to stab rattle that doesn’t need to be reapplied. Switches for sure, those are fun.

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Hmm definitely interested, I tried that mod once unsuccessfully. I am a little hesitant on the 5.60 eur shipping though for one item.

Clearly I should just put more stuff in my cart to justify it :wink:

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I’ve tried heat-shrink mod myself, using regular heat-shrink with Durock stabilizers.
With heat-shrink applied the wire was just too thick, so tich I could hardly get it inserted :smiley:
But I’m still curious so I’ve ordered some from KeyGem a few days ago.
Will report back once the package arrives…


Ha! Good one. I have these cheapo stabs from who knows where that have this weird notch cutout in the slider. I’m guessing this is a silly “universal” approach to design something that would fit all wire gauges. Totally worthless when using Krytox or dielectric grease, but absolutely the only way I got this mod to work on my own. I only had a 2U set so I couldn’t put it through any trials, but felt this whole “stab strink” approach is an endgame solution.

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I think you’ll enjoy this relevant video from @Walkerstop:

Link to his original post here.

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