Keys messed up, all of the sudden

I’ve been using my KBDfans dz60 board for about two weeks now without problems. First I flashed it with the QMK configurator but later decided to flash it with a custom build keymap.

Today, after disconnect and reconnect of the USB cable, the keyboard started to act strange on OSX. Command+Space was no longer triggering spotlight and command+Q was not quitting applications but instead putting out œ instead. I thought it was an OSX issue so I connected the board to my Windows machine but it had the same behavior.

The on-screen keyboard showed that command/windows key was no longer correctly mapped and showed up as the alt/option key. The physical ALT key didn’t do anything and the LCTRL was recognized as the Capslock key.

I did some Googl’ing and found a post on Reddit where it was suggested to do a reset from within QMK Toolbox however it was not working for me. Then I read that it should work with a different version, so I downloaded toolbox v0.0.9 and then I was able to do a Reset, Reset EEPROM and then flash my custom key layout again.

So all in all, it’s working again as it should but I’m still wondering what I possibly could’ve done wrong? Because it has been working perfectly and as far as I can remember, I didn’t do anything special. Even just re-flashing my layout didn’t fix the issue so the Reset or Reset EEPROM was absolutely needed to get it working again.


Almost sounds like a Bootmagic issue but hard to tell. Glad you got it sorted!

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Thank god I stumbled upon this thread. I had a smiliar issue and this fixed my problems! thank you so much

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If your keyboard PCB has bootmagic enabled, the quick way to fix this is

  1. unplug keyboard
  3. plug keyboard back in

That resets the eeprom. It’s caused by holding space and a key while plugging in. qmk docs have all the deets.