Keyset colorway inspired Slack themes

Hey, so towards the end of the group buy for GMK Dracula, I finally got intrigued enough to look up why it was in fact called Dracula (the ERR modules were throwing me for a loop). Turns out there is an open-source theme for many applications called Dracula, and one of the available applications was for Slack. This is where it all began. I applied Dracula to my Slack, and came to the realization you could make your own custom themes with HEX codes. I immediately wanted to make other keyset flavored Slack themes for the sets that I have on my boards right now.

The first color way I adopted was Canvas, as it stood out to me as having a lot of colors to choose from, and I think I did a good job with it. I then tackled Laser, and at first thought it was loud af… but now it is actually the one I am currently using. The last set I went for was Godspeed, and I have to accept that I feel like it is my weakest creation, I don’t know if I didn’t get the colors right, or what, but I will include it here for you as well.

Below are the codes for applying these themes to Slack, you can actually just paste them into a message and then Slack generates a “switch sidebar theme” button right under the hex codes for easy trying out.

GMK Dracula (not mine, but including it for easy access)




GMK Laser


MT3 Godspeed


Let me know what you guys think, and share some of your own!


Thanks, great little mod.

going with canvas for now as the dark terminal look is kinda played out for me.

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You can test custom themes at
So you can include a preview with your keyset inspired theme, without exposing your own Slack channels, if you wish to do so.

GMK Ursa inspired


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awesome, thanks! I was sitting there debating how badly I wanted to show previews vs get fired, haha. You also showed me that this site supports nicer formatting. I will definitely be updating my post.

This is so cool!

I feel like it’s an eventuality that almost all text themes from different programs will eventually be a keycap set lol, but some are definitely better than others.

Notepad++ Hello Kitty theme when???

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