[Kickstarter] NocFree Lite: 60% Compact Split Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Hello Keyboard Enthusiasts!

We’re excited to introduce NocFree Lite, a keyboard crafted by a passionate team dedicated to prioritizing your well-being in the digital age. We understand the challenges of prolonged computer use, and with NocFree Lite, we’re bringing you a keyboard that adapts to your needs, ensuring your workspace is a hub of comfort, productivity, and style.

Key Features:

  • Magic of Split + Wireless: Unmatched adjustability for different body types, ensuring comfort and reducing wrist discomfort.

  • Unique, User-friendly Design: Classic staggered layout for an intuitive learning curve, with the option to start fully merged and adapt gradually.

  • Your Ultimate Companion: More than a keyboard, it’s a productivity partner with wireless and wired versatility, Mac and Windows compatibility, and fully programmable efficiency.

  • Type with Style: Sleek 60% layout with 65 keys defines minimalism and productivity. Choose from 31 lighting effects, walnut palm rests, and customizable keycaps for a personalized touch.

Four Commitments:

  • Guaranteed Delivery by March

  • One Year Free Warranty

  • Global Shipping

  • Lifetime Customer Support

Kickstarter Launch Special:

Our Kickstarter is live, and we’re excited to offer an exclusive 30% discount for our backers. Dive into the details and show your support on our Kickstarter page for [NocFree Lite: 60% Compact Split Wireless Mechanical Keyboard]. For additional information, visit our official website at nocfree/com.

Join us on this journey to unlock comfort and elevate your typing experience.

Your support means the world to us! :blush:

No QMK and VIA support, but the customization instead comes from another website?

Hi! With the NocFree Lite we offer full programmability through VIA, allowing you to customize your keyboard directly through VIA’s website.

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