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Hello guys,

I wonder if this new forum will be a source of inspiration for me to realize my beloved project. Lately I’m doing tests to combine my two great passions, ceramics and keyboards. The most prestigious project is to create a handmade ceramic case with vitrification coating, but the path is increasingly difficult. The first samples do not satisfy me, I will start in the meantime with wristpads made entirely by hand with traditional Italian techniques of sculpture and modeling. For the moment, production is complex, it takes too much time and the costs are too high, but I’m sure I can do better in these two aspects.

I’ll keep you update


Andrea alis Kerasan

KMK Labs.

Hey! Great to see you over here.

OMG, you’re talking my language! :smiley: I’m really interested in the handmade ceramic case, and even the failures. Could you maybe post pics and tell us what went wrong and how you want to improve? I love diving deep into maker details. If there is any way I could help, I’d be delighted.

Hi ryan, you were an inspiration for me seeing your projects, I convinced myself to start with my projects in this hobby (hoping to be able to make it). We have also written several times for emails (eheheheh). Unfortunately I do not have photographic material of failures for a reason, the three samples I had made exploded during the second baking (post vetrification coating). The problem of ceramics is the elasticity of the material, it is difficult to estimate how many millimeters will lose after drying and there is always the unknown question of baking that could fail at any time without valid reasons. In short it is a continuous struggle between the artist and the material.

Thanks for the support, I will take advantage of it.

I promise I’ll take some photos as soon as it’s possible

Thank you so much for the very kind words! :blush:

Haha. Yes, I am all too familiar with that. I have made a number of cast products in both metal and ceramic, and shrinkage is always a huge pain to deal with, especially when you have to mate with parts of a different material (such as a keyboard plate). I don’t envy you this task, but I want to see someone succeed at it—and am glad it’s not me trying! :wink: I look forward to following your work.

a small update on the finish that I will practice on my projects:

scrathcing test:

handmade ceramic treatment with crystalline solution and other ingredients.

KMK Labs.

Oh wow, that coating is hard wearing. I imagine the ceramic itself is still quite brittle though? Is there much that can be done about that?

after the second firing with the coating becomes very resistant. Ability to use a vast amount of colors including natural white (pratically absolute white), Colors that I could guarantee for 50 years without fading, anti oxidation, scratch resistance superior to the hard anodization of metal alloys, resistant to water and acid substances therefore resistant to perspiration, anti-fingerprint, resistant to small bumps, obviously if it is thrown against a wall or if it falls to the ground it breaks, but the same would happen with an aluminum case (I do not recommend trying XD).

KMK Labs.

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That’s really exciting, I look forward to seeing how you progress and hope you manage to work out the shrinkage issue!

I hope so too, thanks for the encouragement :+1:.

soon I’ll show some color samples, especially the white, It is very nice imo.

KMK Labs.

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