Know of any Cerakote services?

It’s a Dell AT 101W. I’m planning to replace the stock PCB with the QMK one from the recent GB. Then, I plan to put some NOS yellow alps and tai hoa keycaps (modding the plate to have a non-stepped caps lock). To top it off, I was planning a nice deep blue cerakote.

I have a few local shops that do it, even one that is “certified.” However, I’ve asked them all and no one has an oven big enough to do it.

So, anyone have any ideas? Maybe give up on the cerakote idea and take it to a car shop and have them paint it? Just rattle can the thing?

Well I would expect that pretty much every shop that cerakotes assault rifles would have an oven large enough. Look for gun cerakoting and then just tell them you want a keyboard case to be cerakoted instead.

I’m using OC Custom Coating’s service to get my meme cerakoted.

That’s the thing. These are gun shops. I guess they usually disassemble everything. I mean, the AT101W is pretty huge.

I’ll keep searching around then. Just emailed two other shops in my area

The barrel can’t be broken down though, and the average length for an AR is 16-20inches. Not even counting the much longer barrels of sniper rifles. Theres got to be shops that do it.

Yep, I’m still asking around. I have 2 emails out. The good thing about being in the heart of gun country is that there is no shortage of shops around :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t the Dell AT 101 plastic or are you talking about doing a Cerakote on the plate? I’m pretty sure the Cerakote process involves baking at high temperature which might melt the plastic case. Metal plate should be fine though.

I had a gun shop in San Diego Cerakote a KBD75 case and they had no problem fitting it in their oven. If you call them and gave the dimensions, they should be able to let you know.

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Yeah, that was confusing me as well, I really hope he means the plate…But I am surprised that more shops can’t do something that size.

From what I understand, ABS melts around 210F and PBT around 221F

H-series can cure for 2 hours at 150-180F, so you can use it on plastics.

There was a post a few years back of someone who cerakoted a model M. It looked great. Granted, that is PVC plastic, but the melting point is in the same range.

I’ll be patient. I want this to be a beauty :slight_smile:

I also might pick up a spare to try see if I can get decent results on the cheap with a rattle can.