Koffee & Keebs 2018


Hopefully the first of many, we folks out here in NorCal held a mini meetup to temporarily quench our thirsts until the official NorCal meetup!

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Nice video! Seems like an awesome mini meet.


What’s the details on the official NorCal meet up? Would love to join.


Date TBD, but I believe late summer or early fall. There’s an email list.


Thanks @norbauer! I’m leaving the bay area next year (waaaaaayyyy too expensive) but I want to come to a meetup or two before I go!


Haha. I kinda feel the same way. I feel the palm-tree-laden siren-song of SoCal.


Sorry, couldn’t resist reading the title. An old picture of a Race 2.


I visited LA last January and liked it. :slight_smile:

However, I think the next move for me will be to Oregon/Washington (or even British Columbia). My dad lives in Washington, and my partner has family in Oregon, so we’d be surrounded by friends and family. Additionally, I never finished my college degree and would like to close that out. :man_teacher:

I’ve found it hard to succeed in the world of tech so I may try out something completely different.